Why choose migration a agent

There are a number of reasons why you should choose a registered migration agent to assist you on your immigration issues.

Australian Immigration law constantly changes and is quite complex. Unless you are constantly engaged in the Australian Immigration industry it is easy to fall behind and lose track. BeConsulting is dedicated to the Immigration industry so it keeps up to date with all relevant changes so you do not have to.

Australia is a very popular place for many people from around the world. Australia has limited visas each year for individuals. Accordingly, the competition for visas is very high. BeConsulting does not simply lodge your application. It advocates your case to the department of Immigration. This means, it does more than simply complete the relevant forms. It actively utilises relevant facts from your background to increase the chances of your application.

Irrespective of whether the client is an individual or an organisation, BeConsulting provides pragmatic and professional advice which addresses the individual issues of each client.

Code of Conduct

Immigration advice provided by BeConsulting complies with the Migration Agents Code of Conduct. This code of conduct is available here