Visa Cancellation

Migration Review Tribunal and Department of Immigration representation

The Migration Act gives the Department of Immigration and the Minister of Immigration broad powers reject a visa application or to cancel visas. The Department of Immigration uses these powers often to reject a visa application as well as cancelling a visa application. If your visa application has been rejected or your visa has been cancelled then you may have review rights!

In some circumstances an applicant whose visa is cancelled or application is rejected has a right to appeal to the Migration Review Tribunal (“MRT”) or the Refugee Review Tribunal (“RRT”). Some visas can cases can also be appealed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (“AAT”).

Review rights have very strict time limits on them. Therefore, if you do not make an appeal to the relevant tribunal within the specific time you will lose your right to lodge an appeal.

BeConsulting can represent you in the tribunals or in advocating directly to the Department of Immigration. If your visa has been cancelled, your visa application rejected or you have received as 20 ESOS notice then contact BeConsulting immediately who will be happy to assist you.

Please provide us a brief description of your current situation. Where possible, please include all relevant dates, visa information
and department of immigration correspondence.