Spouse / Partner Visas

Spouse / Partner visas are designed to allow Australian citizens or permanent residents to bring over their husband or wife, partner or fiancée on a permanent basis. A number of key elements need to be satisfied for a spouse / partner visa application to be successful. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • A recognised relationship
  • A financial capacity to support your spouse, partner or fiancée when they arrive in Australia
  • Strong evidence supporting the existence of the relationship

With regards to the recognised relationship, only specific relationships are recognised by Australian law, therefore the department of immigration as being lawful. Accordingly, the relationship which you base your application on must be a relationship which is recognised by Australian law. Some examples of relationships which are not recognised by Australian law are relationship between individuals is very young as well as relationships between very close family members.

Some marriages are also not recognised by the Department of Immigration as a lawful marriage. If you have had a customary marriage then your marriage may not be recognised which means your application will be rejected by the Department of Immigration.

The department of Immigration also spends a considerable amount of time investigating the claims made in a spousal / partner visa application. This means, any supporting documentation which you provide the department of immigration must not only be correct but also genuinely assist your application.

Spousal / Partner visas can be very complex and require a very good understanding of not only Australian Immigration law but also Australian and international family law. Our consultants have done more than the minimum requirements to become a migration agent, our consultants are Australian law degree qualified which means they can provide superior advice to you in regards to these complex immigration issues.

Some of the things which BeConsulting can assist you with in regards to your spousal / partner visa include the actual application process, preparation of all supporting documentation required for your application, preparation for your department of immigration interview (the department of immigration does at times interview both individuals separately to verify the claims they have made in the application) and general support throughout the application process.

Don’t risk your relationship, contact BeConsulting who will work with you in your spousal / partner visa process.