Partner Visa Form

Personal Information

Are you married or in a de-facto relationship?

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Is your spouse / partner currently employed?

What is your spouse / partner employed as?

What is the highest level of education of your spouse / partner?


What is your highest educational qualification?

What was the official title of your qualification, for example, Bachelor of accounting?

When did you complete your studies?

What was the country which you studied in?

What language was the course taught in?


Are you currently employed?

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Please provide a brief description of what you are employed to do?

How long have you been employed?

What country do you work in?

Family Information

Which spouse / relative do you wish to bring to Australia?

What is your relationship to this relative?

Why do you want to bring your spouse / relative to Australia?


Are you an Australian Citizen or permanent resident?

Are you willing to sponsor your spouse / relative?