History of BeConsulting

BeConsulting is an Immigration and Industrial Relations consulting organisation which provides advice to individuals and employers about Australian Immigration issues. BeConsulting is the only organisation which integrates three very different but complimentary bodies of knowledge: Australian Immigration law, Australian Industrial Relations (employment) law and Human Resources expertise.

This unique capability allows BeConsulting to provide its clients comprehensive advice which goes beyond simple immigration issues. For example, BeConsultings individual clients who want to migrate to Australia receive advice on their visa options as well as specialist advice on how to secure meaningful employment once they arrive in Australia.

BeConsultings employer clients not only receive advice on the various Immigration options available to them, they also receive advice the interaction between Immigration law and Industrial Relations legislation (Fair Work Act). For example, the modern award which the new employee falls under, the enterprise agreement issues, common law employment contracts and unfair dismissal issues to name a few.

Irrespective of whether the client is an individual or an organisation, BeConsulting provides pragmatic and professional advice which addresses the individual issues of each client.

Some of the areas which BeConsulting assists clients with include

  • Skilled Migration visas
  • Family visas
  • Spouse / Partner visas
  • Employer nominated visas
  • Refugee / protection visas
  • Temporary workers (457, 456 and other specialist visas)
  • Industrial Relations
  • General Employment law
  • Human Resource issues pertaining to foreign workers