Employment Assistance service

In Australia, the process of finding a job is different to the process in finding a job in other countries. CV’s must be Australia specific, that is, they must contain specific information which employers look for. Cover letters must also be Australia specific; written in a specific manner which increases your chances of being successful.

At BeConsulting, we offer our clients an unique service which develops their skills in finding work in Australia. Some of the things which BeConsulting can do for you is as follows :

  • Draft your CV for specific positions which you are interested in
  • Review your CV and provide guidance on areas to address
  • Draft and review covering letters
  • Interview coaching

Many people think they know how to put together a CV and a covering letter. Many people think they know how to answer interview questions. Unfortunately, many people are wrong and provide incorrect advice.

One of our consultants, Usman, has worked in Human Resources in Australia for over five years. He is accredited by the Australian Human Resource Institute as a certified professional. Usman has interviewed over a 1000 people in a range of different roles from basic administration to chief financial officers for multi million dollar companies.

Unlike other individuals, Usman has not only interviewed thousands of individuals but he has also designed and written the interview process for a number of different organisations. Accordingly, Usman knows why the questions are being asked.

So, if you need help with finding work when you arrive in Australia or you want to get your CV and covering letter to Australian standards before you come to Australia contact Usman on usman@beconsulting.net.au and he will be more than happy to assist you.

Unlike other service providers, our consultants have the background and expertise to assist you even after you arrive in Australia. For example, they can assist you with advice on which structure you should employ for your business(company, partnership, trust for example), what is the best way in which to minimise your taxation liabilities, work with you on your continual reporting obligations as well as provide you general advice on conducting a business in Australia.

Our consultants can also assist you in regards to Australian employment law requirements for organisations. For example, which Modern Award applies to your business, whether you should develop an enterprise agreement, what are the legal requirements of employing someone in Australia.

If you are considering purchasing a business in Australia, establishing an new business in Australia, investing a specific amount or you are a senior manager in a major organisation then contact BeConsulting who will be more than happy to assist you with your business needs.


Interview Coaching

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status and what assistance you need.