Australian Temporary Worker Visas - 457

BeConsulting is able to provide you with an innovative solution that solves your overseas employee issues. How? BeConsulting, an association of academic and industry experts, are able to provide you with a unique service that integrates expertise in the specialist areas of Immigration with Human Resource, Industrial Relations and Employment Law..

Our objective here is to provide you with a brief overview of the different visa options available for your current / prospective overseas employee. However, if you would like information that is specific to your needs, please complete the enquiry form below and one of our consultants will contact you to discuss your matter personally.

Our point of difference – Total employment solution

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Visa 457 Workflow


BeConsultings total Employment Solution

Our capacity to deliver the total employment solution – our Consultants

Our service offering differentiates us from most other Immigration providers. Our capacity to effectively deliver a total employment solution to our clients is based on the caliber and professionalism of our consultants. All you need to do is to spend a few minutes and have a look at our consultants education and work history to make such a conclusion for yourself. About Our Team. You will quickly see that we have done far more than a simple graduate certificate in Immigration law – we are highly qualified and experienced professionals in every sense of the word.

Temporary visa options – 457 visas

Temporary workers visas are for individuals who are sponsored from their destination of origin by an Australian employer. This visa option allows local employers to use international employees for a specific period (3 months – 4 years) upon satisfying the requirement for the visa.

If you are interested in using this solution for your employee needs, then your organisation must become an approved sponsor. You can proceed to become an authorized sponsor by satisfying a number of requirements, including but not limited to

  • Evidence of attempts to source local employees
  • Commitment to satisfying Australian Immigration Laws
  • Commitment to training and development of your employees

The 457 process is requires considerable knowledge of the laws and regulations relating to Immigration and Employment in Australia. . For example, it is often the case that a 457 visa application must be referenced against a relevant modern award or industrial instrument (enterprise agreement). There are times when it is unclear which modern award may or may apply to a workplace or a particular individual in the workplace. BeConsulting through its mix of professionals, has the knowledge, skills and ability to provide you with an effective service. If you would like up to date information relating to the 457 visa, please complete the enquiry form.

Employer Nominated Visas (121 / 856)

Australian laws allow for employers to sponsor a skilled overseas resident on a permanent basis. This type of visa is referred to as the Employer Nominated Visa and the requirements to satisfy for this includes:

  • The foreign worker obtaining a positive skills assessment
  • The foreign worker having worked in a similar position for a number of years before the application process
  • The employer offering full time employment for at least three years

Employer nominated visas are proven to provide organizations with a greater capacity to attract highly skilled workers as compared to a 457 visa.

Regional Sponsored Migration Stream (“RSMS”) (119 / 857)

The Australian government has set aside a specific visa class for regional employers - The Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS). The RSMS has its own unique requirements which the applicant and the organisation must satisfy, which includes:

  • A lawful organization located in regional Australia as determined by gazette notices
  • A sound financial history
  • Ability to offer the foreign worker a full time offer of employment for a period of two years.

With respect to the applicant, the applicant must be less than 45 years of age (unless exceptional circumstances are displayed), have strong English as well as having minimum educational requirements.

Why you should use BeConsulting

Unlike other provides BeConsulting has the expertise to provide your organisation comprehensive employment solutions. That is, not only working with your organisation on your short term visa issues but also working with your organisation in diagnosing any Human Resources issues which your organisation may have. For example, we can assist you with answering the following questions

  • What is your employment brand?
  • What is your organisations culture like?
  • Does a specific applicant fit into your organisational culture?
  • Is the new employees’ position description appropriate for the actual position?
  • Is your performance management system appropriate for your organization?
  • How are you going to protect your organisation from a potential unfair dismissal claim?
Recruiting an employee is the easy part, retaining the right employee and motivating them to produce the best results is the hard part. BeConsulting has the knowledge, experience and expertise to make your organisations foreign worker experience a positive one for your organisation.