Temporary Worker Visas

Temporary workers visas are visas for individuals of a particular background who are sponsored by a local Australian sponsor. These visas allow local employers to use international employees for a specific period (three months to four years) provided they satisfy specific requirements of the visa.

If you are interested in using temporary foreign workers then your organisation must become an authorised sponsor. To become an authorised sponsor, your organisation must satisfy a number of key requirements. If these requirements are not satisfied your organisation will be prevented from either bringing over foreign workers on a 457 visa or employing a current individual on a 457 visa who happens to be in Australia.

Some of the key requirements which an organisation must satisfy include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Your organisations commitment to training and employing local Australian staff
  • Your organisations attempts are sourcing local staff
  • Your organisations commitment and background to satisfying Immigration laws

The 457 process is not easy and requires considerable knowledge of not only Immigration laws and regulations but also the law relating to employment in Australia. For example, it is often the case that a 457 visa application must be referenced against a relevant modern award or industrial instrument (enterprise agreement). There are times when it is unclear which modern award may or may apply to a workplace or a particular individual in the workplace. BeConsulting has the background, education and experience in such matters.

One of our consultants, Usman, has worked as an Industrial relations consultant for a number of years. He is able to correctly identify which modern award may or may not apply for your 457 application. Usman is also able to assist your organisation with respect to other Industrial relations issues. For example, whether or not your organisation is complying with the national employment standards, what awards cover your organisation, which modern awards cover your staff and unfair dismissal issues.

Unlike other provides BeConsulting has the expertise to provide your organisation comprehensive employment solutions. That is, not only working with your organisation on your short term visa issues but also working with your organisation in diagnosing any Human Resources issues which your organisation may have. For example, have you considered the following :

  • What is your employment brand?
  • What is your organisations culture like?
  • Does this individual fit into your organisational culture?
  • Is the new employees position description appropriate for the actual position?
  • How often are you going to formally review the new employee?
  • How are you going to protect your organisation from a potential unfair dismissal claim?

Recruiting an employee is the easy part, retaining the right employee and motivating them to produce the best results is the hard part. BeConsulting has the knowledge, experience and expertise to make your organisations temporary worker experience a positive one for your organisation.