Business Skills Visas

Business visas cover a wide range of business areas. For example, specific business visas exist for the following scenarios

  • You want to purchase an existing business in Australia or
  • You want to establish a new business in Australia or
  • You have an investment background and you want to invest a specific amount of money in Australia or
  • You are a senior manager in a major organisation and you want to use your background and skills to operate a business in Australia

Irrespective of the scenario which you fall under, business visas are very complex. A successful business visa application will need to consider and cover Australian Immigration law, Australian taxation law and corporations law (where relevant), accounting principles and standards, general business knowledge and Australian Industrial Relations legislation. This is because business visas have very stringent requirements which cross encompass most of the above elements some of the time, if not all of the time.

In respect to business visas (purchase or established) one of the key requirements is the visa applicant must have a sufficient level of ownership interest in an eligible business. What constitutes a sufficient level of business ownership may differ from one application to the next, however, legislation and regulations provide some guidance in this matter. Further, whether a business is an eligible business depends upon a number of different factors such as the nature of the business as well as the businesses annual turnover and relevant assets.

Unlike other types of visas, if the visa applicant is granted a temporary business visa (most of the business visas are four year temporary visas which allow the applicant to make an application for a permanent visa at the end of the four years), the visa applicant is required to satisfy ongoing requirements whilst on the temporary visa. These requirements relate to, but are not limited to, the level of involvement in the day to day operations of the business as well as the level of ownership interest the applicant retains during the temporary visa.

To successfully apply for a business related visa applicants will often need to submit financial records of the relevant business, business plans for businesses which are intended to be purchased as well as a myriad of other documentation which the department of immigration requires.

It is evident that business visas are neither simple nor straightforward. They require a solid understanding of Immigration laws as well as business (accounting and taxation) practices in Australia. BeConsulting has the knowledge and experience to assist individuals who want to come to Australia on a business visa.

BeConsulting has specialist consultants who are Chartered Accountant qualified and have worked as managers and national managers in both private practice as well as commercial environments. Our consultants will work with you to assess your current business or proposed future business from an accounting and taxation point of view.

Unlike other service providers, our consultants have the background and expertise to assist you even after you arrive in Australia. For example, they can assist you with advice on which structure you should employ for your business(company, partnership, trust for example), what is the best way in which to minimise your taxation liabilities, work with you on your continual reporting obligations as well as provide you general advice on conducting a business in Australia.

Our consultants can also assist you in regards to Australian employment law requirements for organisations. For example, which Modern Award applies to your business, whether you should develop an enterprise agreement, what are the legal requirements of employing someone in Australia.

If you are considering purchasing a business in Australia, establishing an new business in Australia, investing a specific amount or you are a senior manager in a major organisation then contact BeConsulting who will be more than happy to assist you with your business needs.